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About Journal

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Welcome to the Legal House Law Journal, an authoritative source of legal scholarship and practical insights for the legal community. Started in April 2024 with Quarterly publications , our journal is dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding of contemporary legal issues through rigorous analysis and scholarly discourse.


Our Mission


Our mission is to provide a platform for legal professionals, academics, and students to share their research, insights, and perspectives on a wide range of legal topics. We aim to bridge the gap between theory and practice, ensuring that our readers are well-informed about the latest developments and trends in the legal field.

Quarterly Publications

The Legal House Law Journal is published quarterly, offering in-depth articles, case studies, and commentary on pressing legal issues. Each edition is carefully curated to include contributions from esteemed legal minds and emerging voices in the field, ensuring a diverse and comprehensive exploration of the topics at hand.


What We Cover


Our journal covers a broad spectrum of legal topics, including but not limited to:

  • Constitutional Law

  • Criminal Law

  • Civil Rights

  • Corporate Law

  • Environmental Law

  • International Law

  • Intellectual Property

  • Family Law

Each issue seeks to address current legal challenges, propose innovative solutions, and stimulate critical thinking and debate among our readers.


Our Audience


The Legal House Law Journal is designed for a wide audience, including legal practitioners, judges, academics, policymakers, and law students. We strive to provide valuable insights and resources that can enhance professional practice, inform policy decisions, and contribute to legal education.


Contribute to Our Journal


We invite contributions from legal scholars, practitioners, and students. Submissions are reviewed by our editorial board to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality and relevance. By contributing to the Legal House Law Journal, you can share your expertise, engage with a broad audience, and help shape the future of legal discourse.


Join Us


Stay informed about the latest legal issues and join the conversation by subscribing to the Legal House Law Journal. We look forward to being your trusted source of legal knowledge and insight.

For more information about subscriptions, submissions, and advertising opportunities, please visit our website or contact our editorial team.


Thank you for choosing the Legal House Law Journal as your partner in legal scholarship and professional development.

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